Terms of Use

Key features of our terms of use include:

1. Privacy Protection: We prioritize user privacy and have strict policies in place to ensure that personal information remains confidential. Users can browse and connect with others while feeling secure that their data is protected.

2. User Conduct: Our terms of use outline expected behavior on the platform, promoting respect and courtesy among users. We have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, abusive language, or any other form of inappropriate behavior.

3. Account Security: We provide guidelines for creating and maintaining a secure account, ensuring that users' personal information and login credentials are protected. This helps prevent unauthorized access and potential misuse of accounts.

4. Prohibited Content: Our terms of use clearly highlight the types of content that are strictly prohibited on our platform, including explicit or offensive material. This ensures a positive and respectful environment for all users.

5. Disclaimer and Liability: We outline our platform's limitations and disclaim any liability related to users' interactions and experiences. This helps users understand their responsibilities and limitations while using our services.

6. When making a profile, business pages and groups, you must fill in everything correctly in your profile ( business logo or your own photo,and all necessary data )

7. If all necessary data are not filled in, your profile will be deleted!


Your rights to use!

you can buy and sell
you can keep the profit
you can set your own prices
you can sell them all your life
you can sell them as your own
you can use them unlimitedly

only secure links are allowed
you can use them wherever you want

you can download free products

What you have no right!

you are not allowed to make the same designs

Any violent posts are prohibited

Any fake news posts are prohibited
you are not allowed to copy from the site
you cannot download products from the site without paying for it

You are fully responsible for the videos you upload
you are fully responsible if you download a product without paying for it